Supplex Fitness Wear is More Breathable and Machine-Washable Than Others

Supplex Fitness Wear is More Breathable and Machine-Washable Than Others

Article by Lizz Cassidy

There are several times when I work out in a week. The only problem I find is not how many reps I can do but where to get high-quality, yet affordable fitness clothing. Shopping around in fitness stores, you can observe that leading competitors price their clothing as high as 0 per article plus their clothing beads and deteriorates after just a couple rounds in the washing machine. What a waste of all that money.

If you’re like me then you exercise to stay fit and attain a nice figure. I usually wash my active wear after my workout sessions but recently noticed that the clothing has started to fade, shrink, and deteriorate. There goes another 0 down the drain. Not wanting to purchase the same line of fitness wear that will eventually end up in the trash, I went in another direction.

Surfing on the net I found a company called Fitness By Brazil whose clothing lines are manufactured from a high quality material called Supplex. This material is remarkable because it will not fade, crease, shrink, bead, ball, or deteriorate in the wash. Its touch and feel is strikingly similar to cotton but has many more advantages. The best advantage is the price. When compared to the leading competition’s fabrics, these Supplex fitness lines are created from superior quality materials but still are less than half the price!! Where most competition clothing lines are valued at 0, Fitness By Brazil’s Supplex fitness wear is priced affordably between – plus they will last you much longer than leading competition. Supplex® is extremely resistant to shrinking, balling, fading, and deterioration even after consecutive 10 rounds in the washing machine.

Once you put on Fitness By Brazil’s Supplex clothing lines, you immediately notice that it’s more breathable than cotton. Using them during yoga, cardio, or any workout session is great because their sweat absorbent feature allows them to dry in less than half the time when compared with the leading competition. The Supplex clothing lines are strong enough to be worn during your workout routine but fashionable enough to be worn when shopping at the mall. Not only do their clothes look good, but they also help to form your body. Their clothing helps to emphasize muscle tone while concealing that embarrassing cellulite.

If you are tired of paying designer prices for fitness wear that will find its way to the garbage in a month, try Fitness By Brazil’s full line of Supplex clothing. They are affordable, fashionable, functional, plus they are manufactured from the highest-quality materials. Check out their BRAND NEW roll over capris pants and striped tank top, available at

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