Successful Diet and Weight Loss Exercise Plans?

Successful Diet and Weight Loss Exercise Plans?

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People often spend endless hours searching the internet; reading weight loss exercise plans self help books and askinglquizing friends, family and colleagues to find out just what is the most successful weight loss exercise plans on the market.Well the truth is, no onelsinglellone weight loss planlregime will be workablslsuccessful for all people. You <em>can</em> lose weight on any one of hundreds of weight loss plans that are currently available and all will claim to aidlassistlhelp you lose weight and keep it off. But <em>will</em> you?Or will you be one of the 90% of people who start a new diet on Monday only to have it crash and burn by the end of the week because it was overly complex and to restrictive to maintain.Of course the answer to the question, ‘which is the most successful weight loss exercise plans for me’ is quite simple. The most successful weight loss exercise plans for anyone is the one that they can stay withlstick to; assimilate into their lifestyle with little effort and one that will directlguide them towards healthy eating patterns they will continue to use for the rest of their lives.So there really is no secret to losing weight however research shows successful dieters use the following steps to help in the daily struggle with the battle of the bulge.<strong>Automation</strong>When we are speaking ofltalking food, automation just mightlmay be the key. So breakfast and lunch will be alikelsimilar most days or alternate days and the dinnerleveninglnight meal will be the one whenlwhere you bringlring in the changes. This removesltakes the guess work out of just what you should be eating – you know for breakfast for example you will have eggs and fruit every other day and muesli made of steel cut oats, nuts and seeds along withlwith fruit and yoghurt on every otherlalternate days.Lunch may be a large green salad with a small amount oflsome lean protein or, aslwhen the weather changeslturns to winter, a freshly made vegetable based soup with some crusty whole wheat bread.Dinner should be vegetables and lean protein, and while this may sound bland, the options are endless aslwhen you take this combination and work with it.<strong>Accountability</strong>The bestlSuccessful dieters know how muchlwhat they weigh and keep a carefullclose eye on theirlthis weight weekly. They also understandlknow the importance of waist measurementlcircumference in relation to the health of their bodies.<strong>Breakfast</strong>In the life of a successful dieter a healthy breakfast is the number onelmost important meal of the day.<strong>Exercise</strong>Each of uslEveryone knows a daily dose of workoutlexercise will go a long way to helping maintain a healthy weight and the successful dieter puts hislthis knowledge into action with moderate butland sustained activity which is slotted into their daily routine without resistance.So you don’t have to use uplspend endless time and money trying every new diet plan on the market, just find one you can live with and stick to it to reach your weight loss goal and most importantly “do it once and do it right”.I highly recommend: or you,LReeve

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