Stupid Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

Stupid Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

Article by Jen Jolan

I have a few “stupid” exercises for fast weight loss. These aren’t the typical run-of-the-mill exercises. You probably haven’t heard of these or are barely familiar with them. That’s good… keep an open-mind and you’ll benefit from this information. Take 2 minutes right now to finish up reading this article.

Stupid Exercises for Fast Weight Loss

1. Spinning in a circle

Yes, this works. No, it’s not the typical type of exercise. It does very little as far as burning calories. That’s not where it’s power comes from. It comes from how it alters your hormones. Hormones are your secret weight loss weapon. If they’re balanced, you can lose weight at will. If they aren’t balanced, you’re going to have some major problems with losing weight.

So what I want you to do is spin around with your arms out and do this for 5-10 spins to start with. Get slightly dizzy. This will take a few practice spins to figure out the point of “slight dizziness”. Fine, do it and find out. Once you do, start spinning around at least 5 different times with that number of spins… daily.

This exercise is an Endocrine System exercise. What I mean by that is that it helps your Endocrine System out in being able to figure out how much and when to release hormones into your body. Kinda complicated, but the only way for you to see if it works or not is to do it. What are you waiting for?

2. Standing long jumps

Ok, you kinda know this one, but you didn’t realize it’s good for weight loss. To make this a weight loss exercise, do these jumps really fast. Jump as far as you can. Turn around and jump back to where you started. Do this for 1 minute non-stop. Rest 45 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 sets. This helps tone the legs, besides helping with weight loss.

These are 2 stupid exercises for fast weight loss that you can do RIGHT NOW… what’s stopping ya?

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