Stretching Before Workout: Should You Include In Your Muscle Building Program?

Stretching Before Workout: Should You Include In Your Muscle Building Program?

Article by Nick C.

Stretching as a part of fitness program has always been one of the most common advice. Stretching out of muscles, significantly decreases chance of injury. It also adds to flexibility of the muscles. However, the question is, Is it something desirable before workouts?

If you are looking to build up muscles and not following a fitness routine in particular, then the effect of stretching may be rather counterproductive. The reason is simple, the goal of your bodybuilding program is to make you lift as much weight as you can possibly lift in a given set and rep range. In such a scenario it is very important that before you start your workouts, your strength is at its peak.

One of the most effective way to prepare your body for the coming workouts as well as minimizing the chances of injury is to combine a set of some light cardio vascular activities followed by progressive resistance training. This is one of the most effective, easiest method to effectively and efficiently warm up before the exercise workouts. Not only this procedure easy to follow but does not takes more than 20 minutes. Once done with this you can move into your workouts with your strength at its peak and with minimal chances of muscle injury.

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