Stress Management With Hypnosis And Yoga

Stress Management With Hypnosis And Yoga

Article by ruff raun

Stress Management With Hypnosis And Yogaby Ruff Raun

Bouts with stress can disrupt your system causing an arrayof symptoms such as overeating, irritability, depression, noenergy or ambition and sleeping disorders.

The symptoms of stress can cause negative emotional andphysical dysfunctions. Weight gain from emotionalovereating is one of the poor results of being stressed. Weight control can be an even more difficult task whenchronic stress is involved.

According to Nutrition Science News, one downstreambiological effect of chronic stress is weight gain. Stresscan affect virtually any part of the body and producephysical, mental and emotional symptoms including allergies,dizziness, headache, heart palpitations, impairedcoordination, impaired immunity and weight gain.

Changes in the body formed by stress, such as highercortisol levels, can cause weight gain and insulineresistance according to researchers. Source: NutritionScience News.

You could easily see the comparisons of the rise in stressand obesity problems here in America with so many reasons tobe stressed out in this fast paced day and age. Peopletend to have a dimmer outlook on life with lower self esteemand have less desire to eat healthy and exercise or bephysically active.

Avoiding stress (pain) and seeking pleasure is how mostpeople spend their lives. People try to spend their livessomewhere in the middle at the comfort zone where stress iskept under control. If an event or situation is causingstress and you have fallen out of the comfort zone, stressrelievers such as fatty and sugary foods, alcohol, smokingetc. can become abused.

More and more people are seeking natural alternative methodsthat don’t require drugs that usually end up not working inthe long term.

Exercise in itself can relieve stress by releasing chemicals(endorphines) in the brain that will put you in anuplifting mood. But exercise alone won’t cure stressrelated weight gain, you also need to want to take bettercare of yourself with a mental and emotional transformation.

Two natural alternative solutions that can be taught andused at home and becoming a conventional remedy for many oftodays ailments and stress related weight gain symptoms, arehypnosis and yoga.

Remaining steadfast in a diet program can be a difficultgoal for a lot of individuals since it takes unwaveringconsistency and in most cases will include removing some, orall of your favorite foods, and the only way to getcompletly healthy and fit is with some sort of intenseexercise or physical fat burning activity.

Hypnosis and yoga are in the spot light for their generalhealth and healing benefits, relieving stress and itsrelated symptoms of obesity and the diminished desire to getphysically active or exercise.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, in which youenter a trance-like state.

Hypnosis only works on willing participants and your successwill depend entirely on your desire to achieve yourtreatment goal.

During hypnosis, you are fully awake, even though you areunaware of what is going on around you. It’s similar towhen you daydream or become totally immersed in a book ormovie.

For many years hypnosis was frowned down upon as atheatrical parlor trick exploited by charlatans, but westernmedicine has shown a fascination in its potential and hassince become a useful tool in helping people lose weight,quit smoking, help relieve chronic pain and also used tomotivate or extinguish phobias and fears.

For Hypnosis to be effective to control weight, theindividual needs to undergo a mental transformation thatwill get rid of the food cravings and reinforce theirresolve to eat better by avoiding unhealthy food choices andthe motivation to be physically active with exercise or someform of fat burning activity.

The subconscious physical state that is experienced underhypnosis is no parlor trick but a natural effect that isonly possible if the participant is really sincere about thetreatment.

Yoga, is one of the six systems of Hindu philosophy that hasbeen developed over thousands of years. When in use, theparticipants will experience a sense of rejuvenation andpower plus a sense of union with mind, body and soul.

Hatha is a style of yoga that involves the more physicaltype of poses. The most physical type being Ashtanga, thatutilizes the both physical and powerful asanas poses.

This style of yoga today is referred to as Power Yoga and isbeing taught and performed in many of the health clubsacross the country because of the benefits that are reapedfrom the physically demanding poses. The persistantmovement (flow) strenghtens heart, mind and body whileelevating flexibility.

To aquire a complete physical and mental transformation tolose weight and have a cardio, calorie burning effect, theyoga sessions need to be performed long and often enough toget the good results.

With all the benefits connected to yoga and exercise forstress relief and overall general health, many individualsare combining exercise with yoga such as jogging, briskwalking, aerobics, etc.

To insure you are reaping all of the benefits of yoga, justlike exercise, you will need to perform your sessions on aconsistant basis and you will also need to begin slowly toprevent injuries.

So, both hypnosis and yoga are truly effective alternativesto supplements and drugs for weight loss or any stresssymptom, providing a deep willingness is present. Therewards will be proportionate to your efforts

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