Strength Training for Seniors – How to improve overall fitness of body using it?

Strength Training for Seniors – How to improve overall fitness of body using it?

Article by Jason Wellbourne

With age the bodies of people tend to become weak and the muscles in the body start to lose strength. To overcome this problem it is advisable to start with strength training and that too as early as possible. For a senior person strength training leads to a healthy life. Strength training exercises in seniors improve balance and movement; in addition to that they can get rid of many problems pertaining to muscles.

The muscles which are not used frequently become weak with time. That way it is very important to target the muscles that are rarely used and have lost their strength over the years. The strength exercises are very simple and uncomplicated to perform.

Most of the seniors having continuous pain in their joints and muscles or are finding it hard to even do normal movements often shy away from strength training. They just hope that their pain and joint problems will get resolved on their own. They slowly tend to become inactive so as to prevent possible injuries due to falls. Strength training gives relief to movement and muscle problems as experienced by seniors. The exercises involved in this training are very simple with a few basic movements involved. You can perform these exercises in the gym or even at home. The equipment required for few strength training exercises are minimum where as some of them require equipments not at all.

To improve the arms, stretching and working with light weights for arm muscles is the best exercise. A number of exercises can be performed without weights to work with biceps and triceps. Light weights without strain can do wonders for your arms. Any amount of weight used in exercise is going to be better than no weight condition. You can perform arm exercises while sitting or standing.

Senior strength training can be used to improve legs and thighs. This includes simple exercises that can be done in both the postures one standing and the other sitting. You can do this simple exercise, put the legs apart with the distance equal to that of shoulder then bend the knees. The procedure is to be repeated several times for strengthening the muscles in legs and thighs. In a sitting position, seniors place one of their legs on a chair straight in front and stretch towards your toes. Leg and thigh muscles problem can be overcome or relieved with repetition of this exercise.

Seniors can follow a few simple strength training exercises to improve the back. One of the simple exercise for back strengthening is lying on the stomach and raising head and shoulders above, thereby stretching the muscles. Another simple exercise to strengthen the back is by stretching the arms as high as possible in the standing position.

Even though a few body parts are not functioning well, seniors can still perform some quality strength training exercises. There are a number of strength training exercises that can be opted by seniors in different postures- standing, sitting or lying. Those with chronic muscle and joint pain can undergo training in a heated pool.

Before starting plan for senior strength training you should consult your doctor. Strength training programs for seniors are offered by many gyms. Also videos of various exercises and workouts for seniors are available. With safety given top priority, just have fun and you will see excellent results from strength training in 3 months time.

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