Some Tips On How To Take Care of Your Back To Prevent Back Pain

Some Tips On How To Take Care of Your Back To Prevent Back Pain

Article by James Tan

Some Tips On How To Take Care of Your Back To Prevent Back Pain

I used to have back pains resulted from improper warm up during an exercise. From this experience I have started to be more aware of my movements and take better care of my back to prevent recurrence of the back pain.

There are some tips that I have learnt along the way from books and medical doctors on how to take care of my back that I would like to share with you.

I have learnt that if I have to move things, pushing is better than pulling as pulling will put more stress on the back.

I have also set up some routine light exercises that help to improve the flexibility and strength of my back muscles. I do half sit-ups and while doing the sit-up i have a soft flat matt for lying down so that my back is not pressed on a hard flooring. I schedule time for swimming as well. This is a good activity as it is a whole body exercise and do not put pressure on the back and at the same time help to build up and strenghten muscles that support the back.

Proper nutrients is essential to supplement your bones. Proper nutrient should not be ignored. Make sure you have sufficient vitamin D and calcium in your regular diet.

I used to carry bag that weighs over 5kg with my laptop and books and few other personal belongings in it but I would try to remove those I will not use or as often. I would also try to distribute the load so that it not one sided and hand carry of the bulkier items. A trolley should also come in handy as an alternative.

I learn not to slouch when I sit and ensure that my chair has proper back support. I have a cushion on my back that has helped to relieve the back pain that I had previous.

When I sit for too long, I would stand up slowly, walk around and do some light stretching. This can ease stiffness and assist blood circulation. At the same time, I noticed it helps to make me feel more energied and more productive in what I am working on.

Hope these few tips could avoid or reduce the possibilities of back pain in your daily functions. There are some resources below regarding back pains and relieving remedies, feel free to look up for more information such as treatment for sciatic back pain:Backpain-Cure Secrets,Stop Sciatica Now,No More Back Pain,Guide To Back Pain Relieve,Abolish Back Pain

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