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DISCOUNT LINK WWW.AMAZON.COM Customer Reviews: “”53 years of back pain was gone in less than two weeks.” That’s what my dear friend told me last year after he bought the Soloflex Whole Body Vibration (WBV). He had owned it for a few months. His credibility meant a lot to me. I knew how keen his back pain had been. He had been a distance runner for years but back pain had brought his daily running to an end. Now he was not only running again but, he was once again able to do his weightlifting routines. He was even doing most of them on the WBV. He had chatted with his doctor about some negative studies he’d seen regarding Whole Body Vibration. His doctor pointed out that the studies that addressed concerns were performed on people who were heavy equipment operators (earthmovers, tractors, construction vehicle operators). His doctor told him that those vibrations were not at all similar to home whole body vibration products. I was sold! I bought the Soloflex WBV in May and use it several times a week. The quality of the construction pleased me and the dial is easily readable. I knew I was safe standing or working out on it. I do my yoga and pilates on it. I love it. It has been incredible for my flexibility. I do my workout in the morning and sometimes I’m pretty stiff to start, but after 5 mins on the WBV I’m totally warmed up. It’s been great!! I run it at the lower vibrations on the control dial because the most recent NASA research has shown that Whole Body Vibration is
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