Sleeptracks: 9 Top Tips That’ll Help You Sleep Like A Ba Tonight

Sleeptracks: 9 Top Tips That’ll Help You Sleep Like A Ba Tonight

Article by Margaret A Morris

Life is now more stressful than ever. We’re all under more pressure and this is taking it’s toll on our health and happiness. Increased stress levels is now the no1. cause of insomnia in the USA. Read on to find out the best ways to de-stress before bed and how to beat insomnia with Sleeptracks for good…

Top tips that’ll help you fall to sleep tonight…

1) A great way to unwind after work is to take a stroll after dinner. Getting some light exercise and fresh air can be a very effective way to relax. Not only will you loosen your muscles, but walking will also help you to forget about your stressful day by clearing and calming your mind. Try to avoid busy areas, instead try your local park or recreational ground.

2) Forget about your stressful day at work. Try to push those negative thoughts away and instead think of happy and relaxing things that you enjoy. This will help your mind slow down and get you ready for sleep.

3) Make sure your bedroom is the right temperature. Being uncomfortable in bed is enough to stop anyone from sleeping. This is a common mistake to make, but an easy one to remedy.

4) If you must have a clock in your bedroom, make sure it’s not a digital display clock. Not only will the light distract you, but looking at the time every five minutes will only stress you out more when you’re trying to fall asleep.

5) Make your bedroom as dark as possible. The lighter it is, the harder it’ll be to sleep. If you live in the city it might be a good idea to invest in some thick curtains, to help block out the city street lights.

6) Always wear comfortable and appropriate sleeping attire. I know it sounds obvious but, wear loose warm clothes in the winter time and loose cool clothes in the summer. If you have problems sleeping you should always go for comfort over style.

7) Turn off your cell phone. This is just another distraction that will stop you from sleeping. If possible, don’t keep a computer in your bedroom. If your lying in bed trying to fall asleep it can be hard to resit the urge to switch on your laptop to check your emails, chat or surf the web… remove all sleeping distractions!

8) De-clutter your bedroom. Remember a bedroom is for sleeping in, it’s not an office or living room. The more clutter and mess the more distractions you will have keeping you awake.

9) Why not invest in a sleep optimization program? There are numerous cures, remedies and programs on offers at the moment, but the one that stands head and shoulders over the others is Sleeptracks. Since I started using Sleeptracks I’ve been able to sleep like I did when I was a child. Not only can I fall to sleep within minutes, but I can now sleep the whole night through. If you try my 9 top tips along with a sleep aid such as Sleeptracks, you’ll be able to kiss goodnight to insomnia for good.

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