Sleep – Yoga

Sleep – Yoga

Article by Paul

Designed to unify the body and mind, you will promote strength, good health and inner peace. It has many separate disciplines and can be invaluable in combating insomnia – even a beginner can reap the benefits. Central to effective yoga practice is learning to understand and gain control of your breathing. This can be of great help even when we don’t combine it with the specific poses. Breathing helps us to calm anxieties and clear our mind and we find ourselves under pressure.

Although there are many yoga books and videos available, it is useful to attend a class while getting to grips with the basics. Once these basics are mastered, you can then do them pretty much where ever you like. If practised regularly, stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, strength and energy levels will all improve. The ability to calm the mind, into a relaxed state and improve your mood and sense of well-being will also be in your grasp.

Choosing the right class and exploring new forms are vital for anyone hoping to get the most from yoga. The main types are explained below:

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