Ski Fitness Exercises Avalanche Ski Training – Your Guide to Carving Down the Mountain with the Power of an Avalanche Covers Beginner to Advanced & Home-Based Workouts to Gym-Based Programs… Perfect for any skier, whether your specialty is glades, bumps, bowls, telemark skiing, or competition skiing. Inside the Avalanche Ski Training Program, You Will Discover: * Over 30 strategically chosen exercises scientifically combined into the most effective ski-specific exercise sequences and routines * The “Fab-5” secret exercises that all skiers should be doing for powerful legs and injury reduction * No wall sits (aka wall squats) as we have specific reasons why these are not optimal for ski training despite popular belief * Options for home workouts or gym workouts… You don’t need any special equipment or machines at all for these workouts * Builds incredible strength, power, and muscular endurance in the legs, core, and back * Drastically increases your quickness and agility to be able to move more quickly between moguls, trees, rocks, and other obstacles * Increases your legs ability to ski all day long while reducing leg and lower back muscular fatigue * Reduces the deep “leg burn” that forces you to stop and rest several times during each run… Less resting = more skiing! * Increases your control over the mountain… Less stumbling and missed turns! * Reduces your post-skiing leg and back soreness * Strengthens your joints and reduces your risk of injuries that could sideline you

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