Six Post Pregnancy Workout Tips

Six Post Pregnancy Workout Tips

Article by Hailey

Some women gain more weight than others during pregnancy, but for most, if not all, it proves to be very difficult to lose the extra weight after child birth.. A properly designed post pregnancy workout and dieting lifestyle will help alleviate this issue.

There are many things that constitute the majority of the weight gained when pregnant. There’s your baby, who usually accounts for around a third of the excess weight. The additional two-thirds of the weight result from the placenta, amniotic fluid, enlarged breasts, extra fluid, extra blood, greater uterine muscle, and additional fat supplies required for the making of breast milk.

Knowing this, “weight loss” and “fat loss” are not exactly the same thing, and so we need to explain their differences. When people talk about dropping some weight, what they usually want to do is lose fat, and not necessarily lose weight, even though, generally, these two come hand in hand. When losing weight, you should make sure you’re losing mostly fat instead of muscle, and that is what this text aims at explaining.

Considering this, and assuming you have the doctor’s OK for starting to exercise, below are great suggestions for post pregnancy workout and diet lifestyle that will help you lose extra fat.

Walking – Walking can be a very effective low impact cardiovascular exercise that helps in fat loss and does not require any machines. It is typically good for both your own body and mind. It’s a basic exercise that is enjoyable, soothing, and you may do it while pushing your child in a child stroller. It’s good to start first with a 10-minute walk, and then slowly increase the amount of time, and the pace you walk at. Three to four times every week is good enough.

Light weight training – Light weight training is a vital part of post pregnancy workouts. Its benefits can include well toned muscles and accelerating the fat loss process. Abs exercises like crunches or sit-ups will help you strengthen the muscles that might have gotten overstretched and weaker in pregnancy, while other exercises like squats or push-ups enable you to make use of your body weight as resistance and so can be done right at your house. This could be also used as a play session together with your baby by using the baby’s weight as resistance during some exercises. An example of this would be carrying your baby while doing squats. Another example would be raising your baby over your head so that you can exercise your shoulder and arm muscles. Three to four times a week of 30-60 minute sessions are perfect for your goals.

Breastfeeding your baby – We mentioned earlier that some of the weight gained throughout the pregnancy is fat that is needed for the making of breast milk. Considering this, besides the nutritional benefits, breastfeeding will allow you to burn up those fat storages as they are used for the creation of breast milk.

Healthy eating habits There are numerous changes that come with giving birth. New mothers are exhausted, hormones are all over the place, and they are adapting to life with a new baby. This can quite easily lead to bad dietary habits, that will leave you more tired and packing on weight. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and foods containing good fats are some of the main things you should shoot for. Try to avoid an excess of simple sugars and processed foods. Instead, opt for whole foods and keep healthy snacks like nuts and raisins around for when you’re hungry. It is important to make sure your calorie consumption is enough for you and the baby though, but even with that, the lack of unhealthy foods along with the healthy dietary habits will help you to lose the excess fat.

Pilates and Yoga – Simple Pilates and yoga can be quite beneficial as part of a post pregnancy workout. They will strengthen the muscles and joints, increase flexibility, and will definitely leave you feeling mentally tougher and much more stress-free, enabling you to deal better with the stress that accompanies a new baby.

Perseverance and positivity – Fat loss is a somewhat slow process. You might want to give yourself at least a couple of months to see tangible results, especially considering that it took you 9 months to gain the extra weight. Being determined and optimistic will go a long way in getting you the good results you want.

In conclusion, these are a few of the first steps you can take towards losing the excess pounds acquired through pregnancy. Together, they form a mix of a light post pregnancy workout and a healthy lifestyle that will enable you to get your pre-pregnancy body back, and leave you feeling far better.

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Hailey James is a consultant that specializes in helping new moms lose weight after pregnancy. She runs a personal blog to help you with your post pregnancy workout.

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