Six Pack Stomach exercises

Six Pack Stomach exercises

Article by Roy Lane

Who does not dream of a slim athletic figure, with elegantly sculpted abdomen, wprawiajÄ…cym in admiration of friends. Many people do not even start, with horror, imagining several months hassle with various exercises and strict diet. And even if someone began, quickly passed, and the enthusiasm back to the starting point, becoming at the same diet, or completely abandoning a healthy body.

If you belong to these people, you absolutely need to know the program of light exercise, called Weider AerobicznÄ… 6 (A6W), which thanks to its simplicity and speed of obtaining results within a short time, has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. 6 aerobicznych exercises, in just six weeks will get rid of the residual fat and get a nice sculpture of the abdomen. A6W is also for those who want to lose weight and get rid of the so-called. “Oponki. The following table presents a set of exercises Weider.

[A6W – Exercise 1] 1st Exercise We lie on a flat surface, arms at your sides. Raise one to change one leg so the knee and hip to keep the angle of 90 degrees, but at the same time lifting the shoulders so as not to detach the trunk from the ground. Withstands in this position about 3 seconds, while maintaining maximum muscle tension. We can either take your hands but do not hold the knee.[A6W – Exercise 2], Exercise 2 In this exercise, we raise both legs simultaneously. Hold 3 seconds and leave.[A6W – Exercise 3] Activity 3 Hands repayment to the neck and to change once we raise one leg a second time, so as to keep the knee and hip angle of 90 degrees, while lifting the shoulders, but so as not to detach the trunk from the ground. In this position lasts about 3 seconds while maintaining maximum muscle tension.[A6W – Exercise 4] Activity 4 Stranded hands on his shoulders and, like in the second exercise, we raise both legs simultaneously. Hold 3 seconds[A6W – Exercise 5] Exercise fifth Stranded hands on his shoulders, lifting the torso and shoulder portion of the abdominal muscles while maintaining tension we do, “scissors”.[A6W – Exercise 6] Exercise 6th Raise one shoulder portion while the torso and both legs straight. Hold 3 seconds.

To get the desired effect, regular exercise. To this end, the schedule will provide a useful exercise, for each day.There are two variants of the exercises.Option 1: 6 weeks (42 days), without a day off.Option 2: 7 weeks (49 days) with one day off each week.

Number of series: the number of repeats the entire set of exercises from number 1 to 6Number of cycles: number of repetitions of each exercise in one series.

You should not exercise for more than 40 minutes. Therefore, when larger quantities in recent days, it must be done to speed up the exercise.

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