Sim v. Rog Breakdown of AA’s and Zone (click more info)

CLICK MORE INFO!! This is a breakdown of the Dhalsim V. Balrog. It video was taken during the X-Mania 2k2 13 v. 13, East v. West Battle. I am not sure who the players are here. I have used this set to demonstrate the general ‘zoning’ tactics used by Dhalsim to help him win this match up. Both players make an equal amount of mistakes, recoveries, and good game play choices. I thought it was a fair match to use, that wasn’t too biased either way. By no means am I saying Sim is better than Rog. I personally feel the match can go either way once Rog gets his super meter. In this match Dhalsim does a great job of controlling the space. This is how Sim wins this match up. Note how Sim uses the fireball to force Rog to avoid it. As Rog tries to avoid it, Sim uses the appropriate counters to whatever Rog does. When Rog starts to get too close, Sim pushes him away with the normals, and start the FB zone again. Sims makes a few mistakes breaking his own zone a couple of times. Admittedly, he gets lucky that none of Rog’s supers hit for full damage. Please watch the video a few times over. Watch for the captions, they go bay fast. I’d pause at each one so you can see how they apply to the match, it will force you to watch the match several times to see how it all fits together. Please refrence back to the notes below, they have some additional information that you should know. Lastly, this is my fist time doing this. Feedback would be appreciated on how to make it better. I will be
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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