Shreyas Yoga- Vol-1 Origin of yoga

Acharya Girish Jha has been mentored by different Himalayan Masters for over 25 years. He teaches Authentic Yoga / Real Yoga based on ancient texts, continuing tradition based on combined wisdoms of Yoga, Science and Spirituality. He worked in the field of Yoga Education, Research, Therapy, Training aims at Human Excellence. He has taken Yoga and Spirituality to another dimension by suggesting it as science of Conscious Evolution and Transformation. His simple, easy, effective practices of Yoga, Spirituality, and Naturopathy to people have attracted global attention. He is at present in NJ, USA and conducting regular classes, Seminars, Workshops, Intensive Meditation, and other specialized programs for seniors, Youth, Corporate executives. He is the Chief Mentor of SHREYAS an institution devoted for Authentic Yoga and Allied sciences. He is contemplating an art of the center in USA for Yoga Education, Training, Research in NJ , NY and CA. He may be invited for Individual/ collective programs and Counseling, talks and research project etc. For seminar, workshop, webinar, video confrencing, on Autheintic Yoga Tradition for health harmony happiness. Contact: E-mail: [email protected] Blog Phone#: 1-732-317-3475, 1-732-298-7169 Google: Acharya Girish Jha And/Or Shreyasyoga.
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