Should I Change My Lifestyle Drastically if I Want to Lose Weight?

Should I Change My Lifestyle Drastically if I Want to Lose Weight?

Article by David Zydd

The answer is no! Much better, if you make little changes/adjustments. Let’s see some really bad examples:

-You’ve read somewhere that if you eat nothing but broccoli, you can lose weight very quickly.This kind of diet has several disadvantages:1. It’s possible that you don’t even like broccoli. In this case you probably won’t be able to eat something that you hate.

2. Broccoli is a very healthy food, but it’s really unhealthy to have such a single-sided diet. Your body won’t get the other important nutrients that can’t be found in broccoli.

3. Because of the drastical decrease of caloric intake your body will switch to emergency-mode (like in the Gulag Islands). Your metabolism will slow down, and when your body has enough food again, it will start to storage the energy in the form of bodyfat.

4. Psychological effect. You simply get sick because of the thought, that you won’t allowed to eat anything for weeks outside of broccoli. You’ll feel that this kind of diet is a torture.

-You go to the gym with enormous enthusiasm and desperation. You have the power (The Force is with you!), and you try every possible exercises, and you spend hours in the gym. The result is a huge muscle strain next day, you have heavy pain with every little move. Chances are that you won’t show up in the gym again for several months.

-You start running. (It was in high school decades before, when you’ve run last time. Your body weight was much less that time.) On the first week of running, you run 10 miles every single day. You have great chance, that your joints (especially the knee-joint at running) will give up in a short time, and you’ll have heavy pain with simple moves.

To sum up, the key is to make gradual changes! Only change one or two things at once! Be patient! You’ll have better results in the long run with small, gradual changes at a time.Some examples:-You drink unhealthy drinks with a lot of sugar. Substitue it with mineral water!

-You eat a table of chocolate every day. Eat only one table of chocolate every week!

-In every two weeks, try to throw out one unhealthy, junk food from your diet! Substitute it with a healthy variation of that food! (for example, white bread -> whole grain bread; tea with sugar -> tea with honey; fatty red meats -> white meats or fish; etc…)

-If you don’t do any sport or exercise now, start with light exercises (like jogging, swimming, light gymnastics) twice a week!

-If you had two training sessions a week, try to incorporate a third one into your schedule!

With several little adjustments, in the long run you can end up at a completely different lifestyle. :)

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