Shiva Yoga Energy Manipulation Ascension Practice Technique

This is not your standard yoga class. In fact as a Powerful Nerve in The Collective Consciousness of Shiva Consciousness This form of Yoga will most likely be like nothing you have ever seen before. It WILL, however, be the most holistic form of yoga you will find. Here is the explination of the difference between Shiva Yoga and “Modern Yoga” As I further lessons and different sequences for different energetic and inter dimensional activation and vibration You Will Learn How this Potent and Powerful This Practice Actually is. Shiva, yoga, mantra, mudra, ascension, 2012, Indigo Children, Star Seeds, Galactic Federation of Light, Salusa, 2011, Energy Manipulation, Chakra, Chakras, Chakral Activation, Pineal activation, Pineal Gland Activation, activation of light, DNA Activation, third eye practice

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