Shilpa`s Yoga (English) – Shoulder Rotation

Make Sure That You Have Not Eaten For At Least A Couple Of Hours Before Carrying Out This Breathing Exercise. Sit In Any Comfortable Cross-Legged Pose. Place The Your Hands On Your Knees. Breathe In. Then With A Short Sharp Contraction Of The Lower Abdominal Muscles Expel Air Out Of The Nostrils. Then Totally Relax The Abdomen Allowing Yourself To Inhale Automatically. Repeat In Rapid Succession. If Youre Doing This For The First Time Dont Attempt It More Than Five Times. Eventually Over Time You Should Aim At Ten Exhalations Per Inhalation. At This Advanced Level Dont Try More Than Three Sets. Keep The Rest Of Your Body As Relaxed As Possible. This Is A Pure Detoxification Exercise.

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