Shilpa Yoga – Shilpa Yoga – Ardha Pawanmuktasana

For The Next Series Of Exercises Sit In Any Comfortable Cross-Legged Pose On The Floor And Keep Your Spine As Straight As Possible.For Lord Brahmas Pose Slowly Turn Your Head As Far Right As It Will Go. Be Careful Not To Strain Your Neck And Avoid Jerking Your Head In Any Direction. Bring Back To The Center. Now Turn Left. And Bring Your Head Back To The Centre. Now Look Upward. Bring Your Head Back To Neutral Position. Look Down. Bring Your Head Back. Repeat. The Asana Takes Its Name From The Hindu Deity Brahma The Creator Who Possessed The Ability To See Everything.This Entire Series Of Exercises Is Designed To Create Suppleness And Strength In Your Upper Back- Specifically Your Neck Which Often Suffers From Bad Posture While Sleeping Or While Awake. A Substantial Part Of Our Lives Now Is Spent Either In Front Of The Computer Or Watching Television As A Consequence Of Which The Neck Is Under Constant Strain.
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