Seniors and Social Life – Where to Find Friends

Seniors and Social Life – Where to Find Friends

Article by Tyler Moon

To determine whether a senior is socially isolated or enjoys an active social life, we must first see where the senior resides, the organizations the senior belongs to and the activities she participates in.

Retirement Communities – Seniors residing in retirement communities can participate in a wide range of community organized activities that can help minimize isolation.

Apartments with gyms – Seniors living in apartments with gyms can exercise regularly and get to know the neighbors while doing so.Golf or Tennis Clubs – Some golf clubs and tennis clubs provide these elder people with a social network as well as the opportunity to exercise.

Groups based on common interests – Some seniors enjoy meeting with others who share common interests such as gardening, knitting, sewing, discussing foreign policy, writing etc.

Are you a socially isolated senior citizen? Want social connections but don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions:

• One can visit to the local senior center, where they offer lectures, classes and meals.

• The local library is a wonderful meeting point for the seniors. The local library can provide book discussion groups as well as lectures and concerts.

• Some local colleges and universities have special classes, concerts or other social activities for seniors. If seniors attend such classes, their minds will be occupied and they will not feel any sort of isolation from the society.

• The local YMCA has movement classes for seniors.

• One of the safest places where a senior member can engage himself are the health clubs. These health clubs have exercise and yoga classes for seniors.

• Many civic, medical, educational and arts organizations look for volunteers. Senior members can act as volunteers to these organizations where they can meet a lot of like-minded people.

• Affinity groups such as organizations or clubs for guitar players, singers, environmentalists, theatre actors can help the senior members to increase their social interactions.

• The senior members can act as volunteers for churches, mosques, synagogues or any other religious organizations that offer adult education.

• Widowed or divorced seniors who want companionship could consider online dating, which has connected more than one happy older couple. But don’t always believe what you read in a profile. And it is helpful to follow your instincts — if something about the person doesn’t feel right, don’t pursue it.

It’s never too late to get socially connected. Social interactions help with physical health as well. People with social connections tend to stay healthier. In home companion care is another great option for senior care, but both the persons are confided in a home, which prevents from any social interactions.

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