Senior Luxury Home Living in Scottsdale

Senior Luxury Home Living in Scottsdale

Article by Sandra Wilken

Senior Luxury Home Living in Scottsdale

Seniors luxury home living in Scottsdale, ArizonaSenior Living in the Scottsdale Area

One of the biggest advantages to owning luxury homes Scottsdale is being so close to the wide variety of high quality assisted living facilities for seniors. In this economy, more and more people are helping to pay for part – or all – of the care that their elderly parents need.

Those who own luxury homes Scottsdale have the ability to put their beloved family members in top-notch assisted living homes without having to send them to the other side of the state. Below is rundown of the three most popular senior living near luxury homes Scottsdale:

1. Sagewood. Located in Northeast Phoenix, Sagewood provides an environment that places an emphasis on independence, flexibility and choice. The campus occupies more than 85 acres of prime desert terrain, and features amenities like a full service spa, outdoor exercise area, pool designed for both water aerobics and lap swimming, yoga classes, Tai Chi classes, strength training courses and more. Residents also have the option of taking classes, seminars and clinics that focus on fitness, well being, nutrition and maintaining an active life.2. Windsor Place. Operated by Hyatt, a company well known for mastering the art of luxury living, Windsor Place is one of the most in demand senior communities near luxury homes Scottsdale. Many of the condo units have recently been renovated, and the gated community is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and well manicured lawns and greenery. Windsor Place is centrally located in Phoenix, and residents enjoy living in a close proximity to amazing museums, fantastic restaurants and some of the best shopping Arizona has to offer.3. Silverstone. Also operated by Hyatt, Classic Residenct at Silverstone (or just Silverstone, for short), is a senior community of one-bedroom residences. Although construction is yet to be completed, the 9,999 and up residences are already highly sought after and are expected to sell out shortly. Amenities include a first-class culinary program, as well as access to personal services, programs and activities. Without a doubt, Silverstone is one of the absolute best senior luxury homes Scottsdale.

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