Senior Care – Here Are Ways To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Elderly

Senior Care – Here Are Ways To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in the Elderly

Article by Tina Sherman

Given some conditions that accompanying aging, like impaired sense of balance and muscle weakness, seniors are most vulnerable to injuries that is why there is a need to prevent slip and fall accidents. As people age there is also an increased risk of slip and fall accidents, even statistics show that there is high incidence of seniors who experience those accidents that why to care for seniors, one has to learn how to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Environmental factor plays a major part in the occurrence of those accidents; hence to prevent trips and falls one has to take a closer look for potential hazards especially in your household. There are common things inside your house that you might not be aware of but they are major contributors to slips and falls particularly in seniors.

Loose carpets or mats, cables from appliances that run across senior’s paths and clutter on the floor that may include clothes or your child’s toys are all contributors to slips and falls as well as poor lighting conditions along the corridors or pathways at night. Thankfully the solutions to these problems are easy. You just have to make sure that your carpets or mats and rugs are secured to the floor or better replace them with a product that has a self-adhesive backing.

You can also rearrange the furnishings and appliances in your house to make room for a wider space where your elders can walk without bumping on something and in such a way that appliance cables run along the walls and not across the room or if you want to stick to your current arrangement, tape the wires to the floor to prevent falls and injuries.

Cleaning and getting rid of clutter on the floor is always a must even when you do not have a senior living with you. Don’t leave spills to dry because wet floors are always a hazard so wipe them dry right away.

Prevent slip and fall accidents by using bright lights in areas inside your house where your elders might be walking along at night like his or her bedroom and the path from the bedroom to the bathroom is so much useful most especially to those who have vision problems.

When it comes to footwear as a way to prevent slip and fall accidents, choose something that has a non-skid property to make walking along those shiny floors safe. Slippers are not really advisable because they can still slip while using them; instead buy them flat shoes that fit their feet comfortably well.

A lot of seniors may already be having mobility issues that would put them at more susceptible to injuries if suddenly they fall and they do not have something to grab on to for support, thus you might want to put handrails near the tub or near the toilet seat and along walls in halls. You might also want to take the effort in buying a mobility device like canes or walker, which they can bring along with them wherever they want to go.

A good way to prevent slip and fall accidents is to teach them exercises that works in maintaining or improving their muscle strength, coordination and balance. But before you start them on any physical activity, consult your doctor first for you to receive proper advice on what kind of exercise will suit your current health status.

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Preventing slips and falls in seniors is a necessary thing to learn because you’ll never know that the life you save could very well be your own. So to be more informed please visit Best Ways For Seniors To Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents. For seniors who have some mobility issues a power chair can help them cope. For more on this type of chair please click Electric Lift Chair Store.

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