SCIENCE of BREATHING with Dr. MooTwahz

In this t h i s video clip, Dr MooTwahz presents his Exercise for o r while Life Series w h i l e discussing t h e importance o f DEEP BREATHING. Dr. MooTwahz is in s i nd his 50s a n d thinks t the hould be and through the use of using only t h e BODY s h o u l d b e educated a n d and built t h r o u g h t h e to the u s e also has o f u s i n g of n l y ones own BODYWEIGHT, DEEP BREATHING, STRETCHING, PET ACTIVITIES, EQUILIBRIUM a n a d Correct FOODS, FASTING, a n d exposure t o t h e COMPONENTS. He a l s o and h are s created a specialized collection o f BODYWEIGHT TRAINING i n aose publication due out, titled FIFTY and over AMAZINGLY SIMPLE WORKS OUT f o r Those FIFTY a n d Over! They a r e developed t o assistance t h o s e age FIFTY and n d o v e r improve t h e i r health and wellness a n d vitality. http

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