Sandbag Training for Grip Strength & Full Body Strength the Benefits of Sandbag Training 1) Sandbag training is an awesome way to develop full body strength and power. Every exercises requires you to rip the weight off the ground, forcing you to perform a variation of the power clean to begin each exercise 2) Every exercise performed with a sandbag improves your grip strength, often lacking in most athletes. Improving your grip strength improves your strength in other lifts. Getting stronger makes you faster 3) Sometimes it’s just plain ol’ fun to rip into a sandbag instead of the typical barbell and dumbbell 4) Low reps & heavy sandbags are great for strength in the 1 – 6 range 5) Moderate reps and moderate weights are great for adding muscle and improving conditioning: 6 – 15 reps 6) light sandbags and high reps will really boost conditioning and grip endurance: 15 – 25 reps 7) The sandbag can truly be considered an “ALL in 1 Gym”, allowing you to press, squat, pull, push, throw, power clean, lunge, etc – all with one tool For more information on sandbag training or to get your own Underground Sandbag check out the following reccomended resources: http http

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