Ryn Shoes- The Stable, All-Terrain Rocker

OPEN UP AND READ ABOUT Ryn Shoes scroll down… docs.google.com Ryn Footwear – The Stable, All-Terrain Rocker Most people that wear rocker sole shoes are between the ages of 35-60, and predominantly female. The idea of “instability” is a scary word to many of them, especially for those over 50 years in age. They want to firm and tone their muscles and reap the benefits of a rocker-sole shoe without hurting themselves. A “stable” rocker-sole shoe adds value to the wearer. If you can wear the shoes on a wide variety of surfaces with much better security, you can go more places in a Ryn. Try a pair of Ryn Trails at your local Shoe store today….need help find a location email me [email protected] There are different types of rocker sole shoes o Negative Heel (Earth) o Heel-to-Toe Rocker (RYN, MBT, Mephisto Sano, Finnamic) o Forefoot Rocker (Alegria) Rocker sole shoes can be additionally divided into 2 sub-categories o Unstable (MBT, Skechers, Reebok Easy Tone, XSensible) These shoes are designed to induce instability. Your core muscles work harder to overcome the unstable nature of the shoe. o Stable (RYN, Mephisto Sano, Finnamic) Built-in medial/lateral stability. A better solution for people with loose ligaments, history of ankle sprains, and those who tend to over-pronate. The degree of the rocker determines the amount of muscle activation, oxygen intake and calorie consumption. The more aggressive the rocker, the greater the workout. Why will people buy rocker-sole
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