Runners Yoga 30-Minute Home Program

Runners Yoga 30-Minute Home Program

Article by Van Clayton Powel

Called “The world’s most advanced home-fitness program”, the Runner’s Yoga Program will help you: Dramatically increase your FLEXIBILITY. Build your CORE STRENGTH. Improve your BALANCE and POSTURE. Burn FAT. Get a healthy CARDIOVASCULAR workout. STRENGTHEN and TONE every major muscle in your body. Improve your MENTAL FOCUS and literally melt away STRESS.

All this in one 30-Minute Routine you can load on your MP3 or CD player and do at home… on the beach… in your office or hotel room… wherever and whenever it fits YOUR schedule!

Hi there!

My name is Van Clayton Powel and I’ve taught yoga to thousands of people. From Olympic Champions and Coaches, to Grandparents with back problems. And over the years I noticed something:

As great as you’ll feel when you practice yoga (Provided you’re taught properly!), most people stop practicing for one simple reason – they just don’t have enough time in their busy schedule.

So even though yoga will do some amazing things for you:

Improve your range of motion and athletic performance. Heal old injuries. Make you calmer, stronger, and more confident. Help you dramatically cut down on visits to the Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or Massage Therapist

… you probably won’t do it.

So what’s the solution? That’s what I wondered. And it’s a quest that took me around the world.

From Martial Arts studios in Japan, to Masters of ancient techniques in India. From the front-line trenches of the Western medical system, to studies with some of the world’s finest yoga instructors.

Until finally (after 30 years!) I knew I had it – One Short Routine that:

Will easily fit into your busiest schedule. Is practical enough for you to do almost anywhere. (No video monitor, no special equipment, no studio or gym required.) Works your whole body head-to-toe. (Flexibility, strength, balance and Core work… all at the same time!) Literally melts away stress and calms your mind.

A program so effective, so ‘user-friendly’ you can (and according to research, probably will) make it a regular part of your fitness program for the rest of your life!

Now please be clear, The Runner’s Yoga Program is not another yoga DVD.

(*In fact, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do yoga to a video, and you’ll learn why in a few moments.)

Instead, it is a COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM in digital format that you can download minutes from now:

A comprehensive set of audio-visual modules that take you step-by-step, literally second-by-second, through every single movement of this amazing 30-minute routine.

So that whether you’re an absolute beginner. Or an experienced ‘yogi’. You’ll learn to do it safely on your own.

And then, whenever and wherever you want, all you’ll have to do is follow along to the Proprietary Audio Recording with:

Crystal-Clear Directions guiding you through every second of every movement.

Powerful Rhythmic Beat helping you keep pace.

Soft chimes signaling the inhale and exhale of every *Core Breath.

*CORE BREATHING has been used by Monks and Martial Artists in Asia for generations. Research recently confirmed its ability to dramatically improve lung function and automaticallyturn off the body’s stress response at the same time! (One of the reasons it is now being used by Olympic Champions and World-Class Athletes.)

In 30 minutes you’ll balance, stretch, and strengthen your whole body!

No more – “How do I open my hips?” or”What’s the best stretch for tight hamstrings?” or”How can I work my core muscles?” You’ll do it all at once – treating your body like the ECOSYSTEM it is!

And you’ll calm and focus your mind at the same time… finishing clear, refreshed, and ready to perform at your highest level.

You’ll even save $ money$ (and time!) as your aches, pains and injuries disappear, allowing you to cut down on appointments with doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors

About the Author

Personal Practice Program

With this proven system you’ll quickly design a practice routine you’ll actually stick with!(Often the hardest part of any new routine.)

Use the simple Template and in minutes you’ll know:

When and where will be the best time and place for YOU to do your Runner’s Yoga.

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