Rise in Anxiety Disorders and Varied Kinds of Phobias

Rise in Anxiety Disorders and Varied Kinds of Phobias

Article by Dave Clark

In today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, it has become quite a common thing to hear of rise in the cases of anxiety disorders and phobias. Anxiety and tension have, as if, become an integral part of our lives. Almost every individual is phobic about one or the other thing in life. Some people quickly overcome their sorrows and combat their problems, while others take a lifetime to cope with their stressful conditions.

We cannot run away from our responsibilities in life then be it towards our family, friends or organization. There is no point thinking that one day will come when there will be no stress in our life. Stress and anxiety will always go hand in hand with you wherever you go. You need to actually learn how to combat anxiety disorders and get rid of your phobias. There are varied kinds of therapies that are beneficial in curing these problems such as yoga, meditation and other healing therapies.

Some people are of the belief that phobias cannot be removed completely from your life. It is actually tough to say anything about it but one fact that cannot be denied is that they can certainly be controlled to quite a large extent. A very popular therapy is immersion therapy. It is a widely practiced therapy in which the patient is brought in direct contact with the object he/she is fearful of. Attempt is made to remove their fear. However, it is a slow and gradual process.

Many people seek support of anti depressants to cope with their panic disorders. Anti depressants are however not recommended by doctors for a long term, as they are believed to have their own set of side effects. What most doctors suggest is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice meditation. Taking long deep breaths and concentrating properly can help a great deal in alleviating stress. The treatment usually varies from one person to another depending upon the gravity of the problem. Some people don’t require any medication, while others need to depend upon medications and at the same time modify their lifestyle. Exercise is a great stress buster and is quite effective in treating stress related disorders.

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