Rick Dees. A Class Act! “Live Fearless with Sam Botta” Clip from Dees Entertainment Studios

Rick Dees in the morning back after seven years, no grudges held against Clear Channel, Ryan Seacrest, Ellen K or any others. “Live Fearless with Sam Botta” demonstrates what a class act Rick Dees has always been., Laboe at night: a new day at Hot 92.3 FM By GARY LYCAN For the Register The Orange County Register. Rick Dees, who is returning to local morning drive radio May 4, is a class act. It would have been easy to take negative shots at his successor, Ryan Seacrest, when he left KIIS-FM in 2004. He did not. He never burned bridges with KIIS-FM’s parent company Clear Channel. The result? This month, two roads intersected — Dees’ passion for local radio and a still-strong fan base to put him back on the path to Clear Channel and the 5-9 am slot on its KHHT “Hot 92.3 FM,” which plays “old school rhythm and blues.” For Dees, returning to the Clear Channel building April 20 to greet employees and the sales staff, it was returning to the family roots he planted in 1987. He stayed until 2004, re-emerged briefly on Emmis-owned “Movin’ 93.9 FM” and built a successful business empire, including a radio-TV company offering a variety of audio content stations throughout the US “It was the first time I entered the building I did not have to be frisked,” Dees said in a phone interview. Clear Channel Market Manager Greg Ashlock said: “I have a window in my door so I can see who is coming in. As we are doing this interview, people are coming by, asking to come in and say hello to

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