REV NEWS 2010 #5 Wild Life Food Skyquakes Death by the 10000000’s Radio Show Earth’s Bulging Waistline Blamed on Glaciers, Oceans John Roach for National Geographic News Let your light shine ppl tal roots, or the tectosphere, on postglacial rebound are calculated using an axisymmetric flow ….. sphère will affect postglacial rebound rates periencing postglacial rebound. The rates of uplift from gravity and GPS agree within …. contours of predicted postglacial rebound, in mm/yr, using ICE- Post Glacial Rebound this water is going to go on land as well as in the oceans. sinking island, oil rigs, super storms etc… it’s a run away. Super earthquakes, volcano’s. look at my other vids made over past 10 months. look at the links. and Think. we need love going now NATIONAL SECURITY & CLIMATE CHANGE: 6.26.08 Hearing By CHI-CHI ZHANG, Associated Press Writer Chi-chi Zhang, Associated Press Writer — 7 mins ago BEIJING — More than 1000 people have died or disappeared in severe flooding in China so far this year, and the heaviest rains are still to come, a senior official warned Wednesday. This year’s floods, which have caused tens of billions of dollars in damage already, have exacted the highest death toll since 1998, which saw the highest water levels in 50 years.
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