Quick Weight Loss Tips That Work

Quick Weight Loss Tips That Work

Article by Jules Jordon

Is quick weight loss even possible you ask yourself? I mean, let’s be honest, you’ve read countless articles and seen a ton of sites that will tell you that quick weight loss is impossible and you shouldn’t even attempt it. Well they are wrong! Quick weight loss is not only achievable, but when looking at the whole picture of sustained weight loss, it is often the best start you can make.

It works like this – if your body is carrying around excess water, then getting rid of that excess water will help you lose weight quickly. In fact, losing excess water quickly, and therefore weight, is very easy to do. You can lose as much as 5 pounds in a few days by following certain rules.

However, before you start using the tips I am about to give you, make sure that your health is as it should be. Quick weight loss is great, but you must make sure that there are no medical reasons for the extra weight you are carrying. If there is, your goal of losing weight quickly will be constantly frustrated and you will give up defeated. Go to your doctor and get the usual health checks before starting.


Your lifestyle choices are key to your success. Think honestly about how you spend your day. Are you stuck in an office every day and in front of the tv every night? Do you drive more than you walk? If your answers to these questions are yes, yes and yes, then you need to incorporate some physical activities into your life if you are going to succeed with your quick weight loss.

Exercise and food go hand in hand as the foundation for quick weight loss. Find the exercise that you enjoy and incorporate it into your life. You must put exercise on a par with everything else you routinely do in your life. Therefore not having the time to exercise no longer becomes an issue. If the gym isn’t your thing, don’t join! Swim, cycle, walk, run around the park with the kids – whatever it is, you must enjoy it to maintain it in your life. Whatever causes heavy breathing, will help you towards your goal of quick weight loss.


What are you eating? Are you routinely eating fatty foods, processed foods, junk food? Is your current diet one of red meat, sugar based foods or do you eat fish and chicken? Be honest and write down what you eat and when you eat it and then after a few days look at that list. Do you have more fresh fruits and vegetables or more high fat, high salt, processed foods?

Eat breakfast! It is fools gold to even think about skipping breakfast. You need to eat within the first hour of waking, that way you can kick start your metabolism and get it working. Your metabolism is like a furnace, you need to feed it for it to work at optimum levels and burn the fat on your body.

Aim to eat at least four small meals per day. This will also help your metabolism to continue working throughout the day. If you skip a meal, your metabolism slows down and is not as effective as it could be.

Drink water! Yes your initial weight loss is usually your body letting go of excessive water and so it might seem counter productive to drink more water, but you’d be wrong. If your body doesn’t get enough water, it panics, thinking it will become dehydrated and so it holds onto the water it has causing weight gain! Drink enough water to keep your body happy and the pounds will drop dramatically. Aim to drink between a litre and two litres per day.

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I missed family weddings, parties because I was hiding out ashamed of my weight. I wore baggy clothes and big jackets at the height of summer, just to try and hide the weight I was dragging around. I wanted someone to give me the secrect to quick weight loss and I found it myself. Visit Crazy Weight Loss to see how I used an easy breakthrough diet plan.

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