Quick Hula-Hooping Workout

Use the right-size hoop for your body. Peter McCall, from the American Council on Exercise, says the hoop should be between your waist and chest when it’s resting vertically on the ground. A weighted hula hoop, ranging from 2-6 pounds, adds to your workout. The smaller and lighter the hoop, the more energy it takes to keep it going. Benefits of weighted Hula Hooping • Massages your waistline and internal organs • Causes a happy, light – hearted mood • Promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health • Increases overall fitness level • Increases blood flow to the brain • Increases energy • Improves coordination • Strengthens torso and leg muscles • Enhances spinal flexibility • Portable, travels easily – you can do it anywhere! Mini Hooping Workout Try each exercise for 1 minute, gradually increasing speed and time to 3 minute intervals. Exercise #1: Hold hoop in front of you – vertical to the ground. With feet firmly planted and belly held tight, twist side to side. This warms up the body and prepares the mid-section for hooping! Feet should be hip-width apart or wider, or one foot slightly forward of the other. Exercise #2: Spin the hula-hoop for 1 minute, then change directions for 1 minute more. Exercise #3: Hold hoop above your head like a halo. Alternately lift your knees as you pull the hoop down to shoulder level then press it back up as high as you can – squeeze your abs! Exercise #4: Hoop again for 1 minute – change direction for another minute. Try to spin a

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