Quick Health Tips For The Upcoming Fasting Month

Quick Health Tips For The Upcoming Fasting Month

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Muslims all over the world are moving into Ramadhan, a month in their calendar where they will fast during the day, which means, the body is not consuming any food from dusk to dawn. In some region, like here, that is close to 12 hours, maybe more.

So how to keep the healthy body intact during this month? Here are some quick tips:

1) Take enough amount of water. During ‘break fast’, and a period just before performing the dawn prayer, make sure to take enough amount of water to prevent dehydration. And make sure it is plain water, not carbonated drink.

2) It also helps to consume ‘water rich’ fruits. Replace condiments, cookies and other high sugar food with fruits, which is high in water content.

3) Have enough sleep. The body clock might need minor adjustment during fasting month, but just make sure you had enough ‘close-eye’ time.

4) Do not skip ‘Shahur’. The word refers to the time just before performing the dawn prayer. It is easy to sleep through the night and woke up to perform the prayer, but waking up a bit earlier to have ‘shahur’ is much better.

5) Take ‘cat nap’ during the day. This varies according to individual, but 20 to 30 minutes is best.

6) Limit heavy exercise. Rigorous exercise regime during fasting month requires the body to be replenished immediately, which is impossible, so, the best option is to limit such activities. However, light exercise is recommended.

7) If you can, increase your protein intake. Proteins are slowly digested by the body and important to preserve other body function through formation of enzymes and hormones, thus increasing the intake help towards this.

8) Skip the carbonated and high sugar drink, whenever you can. Taking too much of these cause thirst and they are far from nutritious.

9) Remember to take your bath. Hygiene is part of health, and skipping it, despite the fact that you are fasting, would do you no good.

10) Preserve your overall appearance. Comb your hair, use oil with it, shave, and spray the perfume. Do not use fasting as an excuse to look awful and miserable.

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