Questions Senior Citizens should ask before joining a Gym

Questions Senior Citizens should ask before joining a Gym

Article by Bob Alexander Smith

Finding a local gym that caters to seniors isn’t impossible you just have to know how to go about it.

At your local gym try asking the following list of questions to see whether you could join:

Are any staff members senior-fitness certificated?

Many of the governing bodies that certify personal trainers offer training in senior fitness, and you want to have access to a trainer who has taken advantage of these educational opportunities.

In several countries the governing bodies which certify personal trainers are beginning to offer specialist training certificates for those trainers which undertake the appropriate courses and examinations. Finding a gym with one of these certified trainers is a plus!

Also these specialist trainers will be able to adapt an exercise program that suits your needs and what the gym’s is currently offering.

Are any senior citizen fitness classes offered by the gym?

There can be a variety of classes offered by your local gym which can cater to your needs. Having classes in the late morning and afternoons when it’s quieter maybe what you’re looking for? The gym could even offer Yoga, Pilates of even Marathon training group classes – imagine all those great opportunities.

Do check to see if the gym offers classes and equipment suited to those with arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or any other ailments you may have. There could even be classes that offer low impact workouts or even chair aerobics modified for seniors that you might be interested in.

Are senior citizen discounts offer by the gym?

Senior Citizens get nice discounts on public transport, at the cinema, even at the grocery store, so why not at the gym? Don’t be too timid about asking for discounts – as in life, if you don’t ask you’ll never know!

Are there any fitness assessments before starting to use the machines?

Sure the gym is a great habit to get into but before starting try and ensure that you have a complete medical assessment by you own physician. You wouldn’t try to drive a car before knowing what all the pedals and levers were for – it’s the same thing with the gear in the gym. Check to see if the gym you are thinking of joining has a trainer on hand that is familiar with how to educate you to use the machines and activities that are safe for seniors.

After deciding which of the gyms to join learn by heart the following safety tips for getting started on your brand new routine:

1. Start gradually and smoothly if you’ve not done much exercise in a while. 2. Breathe as you’ve been instructed for the specific machine – holding your breath isn’t good.4. Wear good fitting shoes and use all of the recommended safety equipment.5. Drink plenty of water. 6. Warm up and cool down to protect your muscles from strain as taught by the trainer

If you experience any strange pain or a shortness of breath whilst you exercise, stop and get checked by your physician so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of exercising.

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