QiBounding: Lymph flow Rebound exercises – Edema help

rebounding.TV Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth body coach andRebounding expert provides Rebounding exercises and training in her weekly Web TV show. Today: Lymph Pump Rebounding exercises to help with feet swelling (Edema). Questions or comments? Please write them in the comment section under this video or send them to [email protected] Our today’s show will bring some light to the causes for painless swelling in feet or legs, also called Edema or Oedema; and we will teach you Rebounding exercises that you can do to increase the pumping of your lymph fluid through your body. These Rebounding exercises work as an excellent lymph pump, using the calf muscles to pump the lymph fluid from your feet and legs back towards the heart. Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before Rebounding exercise to determine whether it is appropriate for you to do this. This video is meant to give Rebounding instructions and inspiration to people who are beginners and those who are advanced in Rebounding. It is up to you (and your doctor) to determine which of those exercises you can do and which are not good for your health or too difficult to perform. Keep in mind that you are doing all exercises on your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable, do not continue the exercise. Only work in your own comfort zone and don’t get carried away with your enthusiasm. Do only those exercises that are easily in your reach and build up from there. If you experience pain during or after the exercises or if

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