Pullups for Beginners

www.scoobysworkshop.com Pullup workout for the complete beginner who cant even do a single pullup. So many of us were needlessly traumatized in PE class because we couldnt do a single pullup. How stupid! PE classes are the precise place where they should be helping kids to get strong enough so they can do their first pullup. Teach rather than embarrass! Not rocket science. I’ll teach you how to do a pullup since your PE classes wont!!! Pullups are one of the most important bodybuilding exercises you can do and this video shows you how to do them at home even if you have no place to do them. Pullups are the exercise that give your back that cobra like flare and they work your biceps too. This is part of my continuing beginners bodybuilding series. httpNutrition is key to being able to add muscle! I cover nutrition on my website, if thats not detailed enough for you I have reviewed and recommended some excellent books: scoobysworkshop.com You can ask me questions on my facebook page: www.facebook.com For more information on home workouts, please see my free website (no advertising either): www.scoobysworkshop.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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