Printable Calendar Tips – How To Create The Essential ‘To Do’ List

Printable Calendar Tips – How To Create The Essential ‘To Do’ List

Article by Martin Hurley

What’s the simplest way to write a priority to-do list? Do you ever use one? And what about a printable calendar or a free calendar… are you making use of these helpful time management tools? If you’re presently NOT making use of these tools, (and you should be!) then this article will show you an easy way to get started today.

A priority list is just another name for a to-do list. A to-do list is about as simple as it gets when it comes to managing yourself. And because managing yourself is what it’s all about, this makes your priority list pretty darn important! Basically it’s just a list of the things you need to get done on a daily or weekly basis.

Before we show you how simple it is to create a priority list, it’s important you get yourself into the habit of writing your list everyday. To ‘get into the habit’ you’ll need to repeat this for a month or so until it becomes part of your daily activity. If you can cope with that, then the next stage is learning how to create your list…

How to do this? Well, it’s quite simple… All you need to do is write down your projects and tasks in order of the highest to lowest priority. Every morning (or evening before) you sit down and write out the stuff that needs to be done TODAY. You’ll know what the most important things are for you. Focus on completing that first task on your list… and then the second, and so on.

As for using a printable calendar, what you can do is find a free calendar that has room for you to write your to-do list in, or use a type of calendar organizer or diary that will allow you to do a similar thing. (NB. You’ll find an abundance of weekly printable calendars that come with space to write a daily to-do list from a quick online search).

Now, here’s a few tips that’ll help to make this happen…

Firstly, when it comes to writing your daily to-do list, try to stick to the TOP ten most important projects (or tasks). You can go to 20 if you like, but you may find 10 works better. Secondly, you may find that working in ‘intense’ blocks of 2-3 hour focus works best, although over time I’m sure you’ll nut out your own method.

After you’re finished that block of time, take a break. Go for a short walk or do some light exercise. Just do something completely different for a while. Then you can come back fresh to that highest priority task again… and try to get the darn thing finished!

Of course, this won’t always go to plan and sometimes you’ll jump around a bit like a bicycle on a rough dirt track – get projects half started, half cooked and looking as if there’s no end in sight. This is all part of it… It’s normal to expect some degree of frustration and difficulty when you have a few fantastically challenging projects to complete!

Using a free printable calendar to print up your priority list makes creating your priority list a no brainer too. Try using it everyday and see how productive you immediately become. :-)

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