prenatal and labor exercises

*How do you use the ball in labor?* If you are sitting on the ball it is important that your legs are open wide and your feet are on the outside edge of the ball(the same width as if you were sitting backwards on a chair or backwards on the toilet). This helps keep your pelvic outlet wide. Because you are sitting on the ball the inside of your pelvis can relax because it is not working to hold you up like when you stand. You can make hip circles as we already talked about. You can also do pelvic tilts and release (this moves the babys head between pubic bone and tailbone) and can help the baby wiggle down onto the cervix. Tipping the hips side to side shifts weight on the sit bones and this helps the baby wiggle down if they seem to be stuck on one side of the pelvis or other. I have had many students say they spend the last two weeks before their due date and lots of time in labor just moving their pelvis around until they feel what feels like the whole of the babys top of the head on the cervix. You can bring the ball about a foot out in front of you and on your knees, hold onto opposite elbows and place arms and maybe chest on the ball for a variation of cat so that baby is gravity neutral. Or if you want to be gravity plus you can bring the ball right up to you and drape yourself over it with your big toes together and sitting back on your heels (in a upraised pose of a child). It is very comforting to just rock side to side and it is a gentle way to move the baby
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