Pregnancy Workout Safety Issues

Pregnancy Workout Safety Issues

Article by Melissa B Burton

Most pregnant women are given directives and advice by their doctors to stay fit while pregnant.

This would not mean that a pregnant woman should “run through” her pregnancy with staying physically fit as her top priority. Of course, the safety of the baby is the number one concern.

Now, on the other side of the coin, most pregnant women are too afraid for their baby that they resent the terms “exercise” and “work-outs” during pregnancy. For them, working out and exercising would mean eventually losing their baby because all they see is a picture of rigorous exercises like running. For them, light exercises won’t have any effect at all.

However, doctors normally advise, if not; even encourage pregnant women to exercise during pregnancy except in those rare cases of a very delicate pregnancy. Pregnancy workouts and exercise are therefore relatively safe for a majority of pregnant women.

It is not the act of exercise but the kind of exercise, the pace of workouts, and amount of exercise that are the main issues here. Because a woman’s body is in a different state during pregnancy, workouts and exercises should be safe, yet effective not only to prepare the pregnant woman for child birth but also to keep her body fit as well.

Pregnancy workout safety lies first and foremost in the kind of exercise a pregnant woman can do. Obviously, rigorous exercises like running, push-ups, sit-ups are not advisable because they cause strain not only to the mother but for the baby as well. Light exercises that include relaxation are more encouraged. Examples are walking, yoga and light pilates.

One rule of thumb is that working out during pregnancy is not the best time to explore any unfamiliar kinds of work-outs such as the PX90 workout. It is better to stick to the basics.

Exercise pacing is also an important issue when it comes to exercising while pregnant. The most important words to remember in terms of pacing are: slow and easy. There should not be any sudden shift of gears when exercising. Pregnant women who exercise should keep it relaxed by also learning some good breathing exercises through yoga or pilates.

The amount of exercise is equally important to consider. How much really is too much? The answer to this question is pretty relative to a pregnant woman. If a woman is not use to exercising prior to pregnancy, of course, a little amount of exercise is alright for her. If she is use to harder workouts before pregnancy, she could handle moderate exercises. However, she should know to slow down and not do the same levels of exercise she was doing before becoming pregnant.

The body has a unique way of telling one to stop and slow down. This way is very simple: If you get tired, it is time to slow down. It is time to stop when the mother’s body can just barely take it, because if the mother’s body could not bear the pressure and stress, the pressure can transfer to the baby.

Pregnancy workouts are safe as long as the mother keeps track of the key issues at hand, such as, the pacing and amount of exercise.

Melissa is now a new self proclaimed mom who managed a very healthy pregnancy by doing effective Pregnancy Workouts. She was able to stay physically fit and managed to burn her post pregnancy baby fat fast to get a brand new body. For more information, see this Pregnancy Workouts Video.

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Melissa is a part time owner of a craft store and part time stay at home mom. She had her first child not long ago and made is a priority to stay healthy with safe pregnancy workouts. But she also kept up the pace with good post pregnancy exercises to help burn off a lot of the baby fast. She also loves to spend time with her new family, cook, and watch reality TV shows using the DVR.

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