Pregnancy Over 40

Pregnancy Over 40

Article by Mina Craig

How possible is pregnancy over 40? Many medical doctors will claim that the likelihood is low, and that In Vitro Fertilization, finding an egg donor, or adopting are the best options. However, my methods have aided mature women in their 40s and 50s successfully become pregnant in a natural manner, without the use of drugs or surgery. Let me explain how the natural therapy functions. You are required to work at it for not less than five months, the time needed for your body to generate a new egg. You might feel that five months are too long a period, just bear in mind that you have taken years to collect toxins in your body, and when compared to that, five months should not seem too long.To illustrate to you what needs to be done, is to share with you how my client Pamela got pregnant at aged 47. Pamela Aduki was then 33 when she tied to Jim and for 13 years been finding ways to finally get pregnant. When she first visited my clinic for assistance, she was 46 years old, jaded and frustrated. She went through 3 cycles of IVF, and was so weak and downcast most of the time. She was already hopeless then when she learned from a friend that at aged 44 got pregnant after abiding my clinic, Pamela pronounced to take the chance and test the natural manner. My first recommendation is always a body cleanse. In her case, the cleanse helped to remove the residual artificial chemicals from the IVF treatments. Many different toxins are found in prepared foods and household cleaners, though. A body cleanse can aid you in ridding your body of these toxins, which may have been contributing to your difficulty in conceiving. Along with the cleanse, Pamela began taking an herbal supplement, FertilPlus For Women, which brings hormone levels back to a proper balance, makes menstruation more regular, and increases ovulation. Pamela had been concerned that she was having peri-menopause, but the FertilPlus helped to regulate her periods. I ensured that Pamela acquired higher energy levels and defer aging, by making sure that she took appropriate nutrients and antioxidants. Pamela and her husband both had “AlkaGreens Plus” and “AntioxiPlus” and noticed the difference in a few days. They both agreed that the supplemented augmented their energy quotient, and coupled with their herbal supplements; both of them had increased sexual urges.Another important aspect of Pamela’s treatment was increasing the flow of blood to the ovaries. I have several DVDs I share with my patients which explain and show different methods for rejuvenating the ovaries and improving the quality of a woman’s egg. One method, Chinese Fertility Massage, is an acupressure massage technique. Certain yoga positions have been used for hundreds of years to improve fertility as well. Did Pamela conceive? Yes, her dream of pregnancy over 40 is now a reality, and she is going to have a baby girl. If you want to have a baby, and would like to try my methods, please visit

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