Pre Workout Stretching Routine

Pre Workout Stretching Routine

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Pre workout stretching routine refers to the practice of gentle exercises that are held to prepare the muscles for greater effort and to increase range of motion in the joints.

Methodology Of Stretch

In this second part of the training of joint mobility we will try to methodological and practical aspects of stretching. Analyze existing methods, their advantages and disadvantages and offer a practical guide to creating and developing a stretching program that is effective and safe.


The training of joint mobility can be structured to be more in sync with the training session. Specifically, I am referring here to the bodybuilding workout. Stretching can be carried out within the heating section during training and the end of it. In each case, the objective will be different and thus the intensity should be adjusted to optimize the positive effects of stretching. In addition, specific sessions can also be used to give training in order to improve joint mobility.

Stretching during warm-up: The objective is to provide the muscle elasticity needed to allow adequate travel bow to the demands of exercise that will run during training. It is known that when a muscle is cold, its elasticity is reduced and this seriously affects the ability to achieve optimal routes during the execution of a movement. This is not to increase muscle elasticity, but to recover what it ideally already possess for having worked previously. The intensity of the stretch should not be difficult but rather allow for further extension over time.

Stretching during training: In this case, the objective is to curb, if possible, loss of elasticity to the muscles.

A stretching routine is one that contains light exercise. These stretching exercises will have a direct impact on the joints, giving them greater range of motion and also provide the ideal warm up for muscles before a strong workout.

Stretching Routine:

Stretching area: Hamstrings (muscles on the back leg).

Procedure: Sit on a firm foundation with legs straight and abdomen tight. Stretch one leg while bending the other leg out to support the heel on the floor, lean forward until you feel a comfortable stretch. Repeat with the other leg.

Stretching area: Deltoid (shoulder).

Procedure: Sit with your back straight and abdomen contracted, bend one arm back (than the palm of your hand is on the back) with the other hand pushes the side, alternating arms.

Stretching Area: Buttocks.

Procedure: Lie with your knees bent, back straight and feet on the floor, lift one leg and simply recharge the battery on the knee of the bent leg, the leg is closer to you using your hands until you feel a comfortable position, alternating legs.

Area stretching: Quadriceps (muscles of the front upper leg).

Procedure: Stand with feet spread 30-40cm with a straight back, put a hand on a wall and bend your knees, lift one leg toward your buttocks until you feel a “cap”, alternating legs.

Stretching Area: Calf.

Procedure: Stand facing a wall, step forward with one leg, put your hands against the wall and extending the other leg (left behind) a bit to feel the tension in the muscle.

Remember that for all these stretches, hold the position for a minute and do not “bounce” or make sudden movements, although you don’t stretch all the way.

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