Prana Yoga Fit: Episode 1

Prana Yoga Fit is a 30 minute yoga class to help you lose weight, reduce stress, and build physical and mental strength. Do you want to exercise but just can’t find the time? Prana Yoga Fit is a 30-minute total body yoga workout that will get your heart beating, blood pumping, mind focused, and muscles moving in the comfort of your home or office. Prana means breath, our universal life force, and Prana Yoga Fit is a power yoga class that incorporates breath with movement in order to connect your mind and body in fun, yet challenging, routines. Although the routines are often moderate to vigorous with an emphasis on strength, breath and flexibility, the show is for yogis of all levels. By presenting modifications, I stress that you are patient with your fitness level and steadily build your strength, stamina, and flexibility. With a regular practice of Prana Yoga Fit, you will witness your own personal growth both on and off your yoga mat. Namaste (“The light/divine in me honors the light/divine in you”)
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