Power Yoga DVD for Beginners and Seniors

Power Yoga DVD for Beginners and Seniors

Article by Lesley Lyon

All the forms of yoga, including the traditional forms, are intended to build strength and flexibility of a person practicing yoga but the power yoga, in addition, encourages cardio vascular health. The DVD that gives a step by step process of carrying out the process of power yoga workout leaves a person completely satisfied that it is worth buying.

Power yoga DVDs cater to the needs of people of all ages, fitness leaves and weights. The DVDs elaborate and give an in depth instruction to carry out each and every move, coupled with all kinds of tips to achieve the right form and alignment. In addition to it, there are on screen students who demonstrate the asana at various levels of intensity and ability. This is done by various students of different ages and body types. So, the viewer is convinced to believe that power yoga is accessible and can be practiced by anyone.

The DVD not only gives a thorough guidance but also encourages and challenges students to work at their own level, encouraging individuality so that they can attain their optimal health and well being. The power yoga DVD consists of core power which is a thirty minute routine work out that focuses on abdominal work and simple back strengthening and lengthening exercises. Then comes the soul of strength which is a sixty minute routine that brings the inner strength of a person to life.

The power yoga DVDs are a complete guide even for beginners who do not know where to start with, in practicing power yoga. Power yoga has been successfully tried and has yielded dramatic results for athletes and sports persons, alike. Power yoga uses the weight of the body to build up the strength along with the extreme control of the muscles.

Power yoga on DVDs can be practiced by men and women who have a good level of fitness of the body. Those who have practiced power yoga through DVDs have clearly testified that it lowers the blood pressure, strengthens the muscles and gives a kind of mental and physical relaxation.

Power yoga uses extreme breath control and has a constant movement to generate heat; this heat is utilized to give maximum flexibility to the body. It is important to know exactly when to inhale and when to exhale in power yoga and the DVDs take care to explain such information.

The menus in the DVD allow for easy selection of the part of the yoga to be practiced after the initial warm up session. There is music on the back ground for those who would like to do the practice without the instruction, not to the extent of distracting one’s attention to stare at the television, while practicing yoga. So, the vocal guidance of the teacher in such circumstance becomes very essential.

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Power yoga DVDs cater to the needs of people of all ages, fitness leaves and weights. Read on to know how to benefit from power yoga DVDs for practicing the art to its perfection.

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