Post-Pregnancy Exercising Tips

Post-Pregnancy Exercising Tips

Article by Christine Nemat

Exercising After Having A Baby – Helpful RemindersSo you want to start exercising after having a baby? You’ve bought the sneakers and the elastic waist band workout pants? Good! You’re on the right track. Exercising after giving birth is important! It’s not just a key factor in losing weight after pregnancy; it’s also a good way to ward of the ‘baby blues’ (post-partum depression and anxiety can sometimes accompany a newborn).HOWEVER, before you start flexing those muscles, there are a couple of things you definitely want to keep in mind. First, you want to give your body a rest and some time to fully recover. Usually after normal delivery, you want to wait for 6 weeks before moving around again. If you have undergone C-section, 8 full weeks are needed.Starting slowly is essential. Exercising after having a baby for about 10 minutes is a great start. You can start increasing the number of minutes after a couple of weeks. BUT, you want to keep a 30-minute limit for your exercise.What activities are good for exercising after having a baby? Well, as long as it’s easy to do, can be performed inside the house, and is light compared to other weight loss exercises, it’s considered acceptable. Simple Yoga exercises while listening to soothing and relaxing music comes to mind. Certain poses and stretches are easy to do and can be just as effective as other activities. Remember that you’re body and internal organs are settling back in place after 9 months of being pushed this way and that. Stretching is a good way to begin!Going for a walk with your baby is one of the best activities you can do when exercising after having a baby. You can start this exercise after about 6-8 weeks when your baby is strong enough to be taken for a stroll. It’s not just of exercising benefit to you, but it’s a way to be with your newborn while also focusing on your own needs. You need to get rid of those excess pounds in a safe way and your baby needs some stimulation. Walking with your baby gives you both benefits! Many health experts and professionals have recognized the importance of walking while pushing your baby along in a stroller.Matter of fact, you can see these stroller and walking workouts being popularized through videos! And RIGHTLY so; they’re VERY easy to do and practical. They’ve even designed strollers with the walking mom in mind. Some are pretty pricey, so if you’re on a budget, scope out yard sales and sites like Craigslist.Whatever you decide to do, do it with care. You’re health is important and nothing is worth getting hurt!Exercising is definitely one of the keys to losing weight after pregnancy. But I have to admit, I had help (and it actually works!). Check out how I got started by clicking here!C. NematBy the way, if you’re a mom and you want to spend some extra time at home, check out my personal website. It’s a work in progress, so please excuse the construction!

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Welcome! I hope you are able to take something away from this article. There are a lot of diet pills and programs out there but I honestly think that sometimes we just have to focus on the basics. That’s what I did to lose my baby weight! Good luck on your journey back to the body you had before the baby!

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