Pilates vs Yoga and other questions

Pilates vs Yoga and other questions

Article by Robert Steers

Why hire a private Pilates instructor?A private session will give you the chance to have an instructor who will assess YOUR body and capabilities and then is able to create sessions just for you. The constant focus of a private Pilates instructor means that you will always get maximum attention throughout the session and you can be certain that you are executing the exercises correctly.Why use Pilates equipment?Some equipment is specifically designed to position your body perfectly so you achieve the core objective of each exercise as quickly as possible.Is pilates good for over 50s?Yes. Pilates is a great method of exercise with over 500 different exercises. Well trained instructors will be able to create sessions that are just for you and your level of fitness, strength and flexibility. How young can you start?The earlier you start to become aware of correct alignment, correct usage of strength and the importance of spinal flexibility, the better!

What if I am pregnant?No problems! Your instructor will work with you throughout your pregnancy and will adjust your Pilates program according to each stage of your term. In general, it is recommended to return to Pilates 6 weeks after having given birthCan men do Pilates?Of course! More and more men are discovering how helpful Pilates is for them. It is great for core strength and flexibility.How many times a week should I come to Pilates?2 sessions a week is optimal. At Bondi Pilates Centre we strongly believe the knowledge you learn in the studio should be applied EVERYDAY in all your activities. This is the real benefit of Pilates….it is knowledge about your body that needs to be practiced every day in every situation.What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?Pilates and Yoga have many similarities and many differences…and yet, they are very complementary. In brief, Pilates is a very specific and cognitive form of exercise as opposed to the more spiritual individual “journey” undertaken by a yoga practitioner.

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