Pilates DVDs

Pilates DVDs

Article by Julie Nelson

Pilates is one of the top-most famous physical fitness program worldwide. The name was derived from the founder, Joseph Pilates who, during the First World War developed a system of exercises to help rehabilitate the war veterans who returned to Germany at that time. The exercises system includes certain precise movements to strengthen the muscle, improve the ability of concentration, and help regain proper body alignment. In the contemporary time, Pilates has become a health status symbol. And although there are different Pilates sessions available in the gym and other fitness centers; a person may choose to learn it at home with the help of Pilates DVDs.Since the human body consist many different muscle groups, there are also different types of Pilates exercise for each of muscle group. People who are learning from home may buy Pilates DVDs for a certain need. However, the challenge lies on how to pick the right or the best video. Yes, not all videos available in the market worth every penny so if you are a Pilates beginner, you should consider reading Pilates DVD reviews first.If you look at Amazon.com, you will find the top 20 Pilates DVDs that you can choose from. They have Pilates for Weight Loss; Pilates for Beginners; 10-Minute Pilates with Rapid Result; Crunch for Slimming Down; Pilates Abs Workout; and many more. There are basically 7 factors you need to consider in buying and or sustaining the use of Pilates DVDs. First, look at the speed or the pace of the workout. Very fast routines are not always recommended as Pilates relies much on the breathing and body coordination aspect. Second, look at how difficult the routines or workout to perform. If you are a beginner, you might want to consider starting with simple workout to sustain it. Third, consider the clear instruction given as to when to breathe in and out. The breathing cuing is very essential in maximizing the benefits of Pilates. Fourth, the safety principles when executing Pilates exercise. Fifth, the goal of the exercise; sixth, the benefit you can get from the exercise; and seventh, the focus or target muscles to exercise. Sometimes, getting a good review for each DVD that includes the 7 factors, is not easy. One option you have is to borrow Pilates DVDs from your friends, or rent out one from a video shop. In case you already have bought some, you may use them and see if they are a fit.

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