Pick the Best Workout DVDs and Videos for You

Pick the Best Workout DVDs and Videos for You

Article by Krystal DeBord


With our lives busy with work, family, socializing and daily chores, it’s hard to find time for exercise. Home fitness has become more and more popular over the years, because it is so convenient. Workout DVD’s and videos are the perfect alternative for those crazy, busy days! Exercise videos are convenient, affordable and easily accessible. Find new motivation to start working out or to keep exercising consistently with a workout video!

Exercise DVD’s & Videos — Why We Love Them

Convenient! Just pop it in the DVD player and go — no drive time to the gym!Workout DVD’s available for virtually any exercise activity!Excellent for perfecting new exercises!Affordable! You can own a wide variety of exercise videos for less than most gym memberships!Great for beginners — a perfect resource for beginners learning how to exercise correctly!Perfect for trying a new workout, like dance or pilates!Excellent for changing your workout routine frequently to beat boredom!Workout videos can be done in your home any time, day or night — perfect when you can’t workout outdoors due to undesirable weather!Often exercise DVD’s include different workouts in one video!

Fitness DVD’s & Videos — How to Choose

With so many different fitness DVD’s and videos out there, you’ll want to decide what styles work best for you. Unsure what you might like? Try renting exercise videos at Netflix or Blockbuster to try some different types of videos before you buy. You’ll find detailed descriptions for each fitness DVD on its cover and often online. Some features to consider when choosing exercise DVD’s & videos:

Do you prefer an instructor teaching alone in the exercise video or with a class?Are you a fitness newbie who needs detailed instructions throughout the workout video?Do you prefer a high energy or serene environment during your workout?Is there equipment needed with the fitness video, like a balance ball or weights?Do you prefer the exercise DVD to include music or would you rather play your own tunes?Do you like scenic locations or a simple studio background?Will you need beginner, intermediate or advanced workouts? Are warm-up and cool-down segments important to you?How much space in your home is needed for the workout?How long is the workout DVD?

Try a New Workout

Search online for an infinite number of different workout videos to shake up your normal workout routine. Try searching these workout video categories to find a vast selection of DVD choices for men and women of all fitness levels:

CardioWeight lossResistance trainingWeight trainingTreadmill walking Toning & FirmingYogaDancePilatesKickboxingExercise bike workoutsPregnancy workoutsWorkouts for womenWorkouts for men & women over 50

Workout DVD Tips

Workout DVD review websites are helpful in making decisions on which exercise video might be a good fit for you. Find fitness video reviews at fitsugar.com.Read blogs and visit your favorite fitness websites often to learn about new videos and DVD’s at sites like: http://Self.com/fitness/, fitnessmagazine.com, mensfitness.com.http://Amazon.com/ is a great online resource for workout DVD’s & videos.Trade DVD’s and videos with your fitness friends for an even bigger selection in your library.Host a “class” for your friends in your home with your favorite exercise video.

About the Author

For the past 16 years, Krystal has worked with many popular fitness magazines on photo shoots, gaining invaluable knowledge in health and fitness from professional trainers and athletes. Her passion for outdoor exercise led to the creation of the fitness DVD company, Scenic Trex, in 2008, with a goal to provide motivation and inspiration for exercise, improving strength and serenity. Visit http://www.scenictrex.com for more information.

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