PhysioRed for Weight Loss

PhysioRed for Weight Loss

Article by Dasha Wellness

Dasha Wellness is proud to be at the forefront of wellness medicine innovation with the PhysioRED fitness device. PhysioRED is an FDA-listed device, and treatments are covered by many insurance companies. This cutting-edge fitness device can help with weight loss, detoxification, better skin tone, and an improved cardiovascular system.

PhysioRed is one amazing piece of equipment. It is a device that combines infrared light with exercise done in a reclining position. With PhysioRED, patients at the Dasha Wellness Center in Manhattan are able to get rehabilitative exercise for pain and injuries in a safe, therapeutic setting. The treatment is well suited to back pain sufferers and post-surgery patients–as well as for high-performance athletes and the elderly. Dr. Darren Pollack of Dasha Wellness emphasizes the following benefits of PhysioRED to his patients.

Believe it or not, this remarkable use of infrared allows a person to burn calories up to 10 times faster than a typical exercise program done at home. For example, a 40-minute PhysioRED treatment session induces a 2,400 calorie burn. And this “high burn” is not achieved through some unreasonably strenuous form of workout. It is simply a result of the safe, infrared application. Because of the infrared, the body’s heart rate and core temperature (thus, metabolism) are optimized as the patient exercises.

The increased metabolism and body temperature also lead to an increase in the body’s elimination of toxins. And the penetration of the infrared light into the skin leads to widened capillaries and stimulated blood circulation.

Some patients report relief from joint aches following PhysioRED treatment sessions.

How does a PhysioREDsession work? It’s very simple, really. A patient makes an appointment at the Dasha Wellness center in Manhattan, and Dr. Darren Pollack (or one of his trained clinicians) controls the infrared light treatment as the patient sits on a recumbent bike and pedals away. The precisely monitored mix of infrared and exercise results in an ideal, toxin-eliminating workout. Those doing the treatment are free to listen to music or watch a DVD–just as they might during any other workout session. Dasha Wellness patients usually notice a difference quickly in their overall metabolic “hum” and feeling of well-being.
Some patients express concern about safety when they consult with Dr. Darren Pollack. The beauty of infrared technology is that is that there is really nothing new about the use of infrared light for various physiological treatments. It has long been established as a safe and effective practice. The only new technology in PhysioRED is the innovative combination of infrared light, exercise, and computerized monitoring.

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