Performing Yoga Poses To Get Priorities in Life Right

Performing Yoga Poses To Get Priorities in Life Right

Article by Sanki Linkon

The art of practicing yoga to control mind body and soul is a common procedure to attain the ultimate mental peace in most parts of the world. The sages and hermits in ancient times had attained great control over their emotions and spiritual powers by practicing yoga. This form of exercise is basically formatted on different exercises online or postures that bring in total coordination of mind body and soul.Yoga is these days known the world over as one of the most useful forms of exercise. It is considered a great way to connect the mind and body with spirituality and the ultimate power of creation. However, in order to perform the art correctly it is important to learn the technique from extremely well trained people. Exercises online are important as practising the various postures correctly will only bring about positive results and benefits.Yoga Poses are basically a combination of sitting or standing with the right posture and alignment of the body which is the secret of performing yogic exercise with perfection. Yoga Poses or asanas are combination of simple exercises like movement of body parts with total coordination which have simple breathing to stretching of limbs to bending of the back at perfect angles to slowly moving every part of the anatomy to bring in total balance of each vital part so that one has more control over every movement in the body. Some of the Exercises Online are Bow Pose or Dhanurasana, Lotus Pose or Padmasasna, Palm tree pose along with a few breathing exercises like pranayam that bring about a very controlled form of breathing with the technique of breathing in more oxygen and breathing out more carbon dioxide.To learn the art of practising yoga perfectly it is important to enrol into Yoga Programs which specifically have experienced teachers to guide in a step by step procedure. There are various Yoga Programs that have been specially formulated with different kinds of asanas which range from the very basics to the complex ones depending on each individual’s health, age and other factors like illness or ailments that need to be cured. Thus, with varied Yoga Programs like the ones available for ten to twenty to thirty minutes or some advanced ones available for sixty minutes that helps to enable various aspects like proper stretching of muscles to strengthen the attention span by emphasizing of focussing etc.To increase the attention span mediation is taught and encouraged as it is an extremely important part of yoga. Enrolling into any one of the Yoga Programs is important as it helps to bring about a total balance of one’s body mind soul along with setting up of a greater alignment of the entire being which certainly helps one to lead a better and controlled life. Yoga is basically the art of building up of the inner strength of a mortal in such a way that it helps one to realize the purpose of his or her existence and thus is a great way to get one’s priorities clear.

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Sanki Linkon is a renowned yoga expert who offers yoga lessons online. In this article he discussed the various postures of Yoga For Meditation , especially the benefits of Bikram yoga . To know more about his views on various yoga postures visit

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