Participating in Anti Gravity Yoga

Participating in Anti Gravity Yoga

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Participating in Anti Gravity Yoga

The regular practice of yoga requires people to have mats on which to do the different poses in the class. The poses require the person to hold their weight up in the various positions for varying lengths of time. These poses are very difficult and require both strength and flexibility, which increase the person’s overall health. The person also learns breathing techniques that help them to focus, meditate and relax, all of which can be carried over to their every day lives. Often people have a hard time relaxing while at their jobs or at home. The practice of yoga helps them to learn to relax muscles that are not being used and also to focus and breathe when under stress.

A New Style

Today there is a new style of yoga that is called anti gravity yoga. Anti gravity yoga uses specially made hammocks that allow people to do the different poses while hanging in the air. The poses are still done with different breathing techniques to promote relaxation. The hammocks make the poses less strenuous on the body while still promoting the health benefits that other forms of yoga supply. Anti gravity yoga also seems more like a beautiful ballet as the practitioners float in the air in the various poses, utilizing flexibility and balance to do each one.

It is said that there are many benefits of doing anti gravity yoga as opposed to traditional styles of yoga. One of the benefits of doing anti gravity yoga is that the person can do the various moves without compressing the neck or back, which is a great compromise for those with back and neck conditions. In addition, anti gravity yoga allows the poses to be held for longer periods of time in correct position and alignment, as opposed to traditional styles where beginners have difficulty using correct techniques.

The anti gravity yoga hammocks are also said to allow users to get deeper stretches than other forms of yoga since the hammock holds them a few feet above the ground. It is also said to be good for the joints since it does not put pressure on them. Instead, the hammocks allow the joints to be stretched without any compression on them. They also require balance and body awareness to get into the different positions in the hammocks that are used in anti gravity yoga. Above all, anti gravity yoga promotes fun, as users hang out in the air.

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