P90X Yoga Causes Injury!

HrsofEnergy.com PLEASE NOTE The video title a bit of link bait, HOWEVER, the P90X Yoga X workout did cause my back injury, last week. I’ve been feeling great, all week right up until I went into the reverse warrior position in P90X Yoga X. I felt the exact location I hurt my back twinge and hurt! I tried to complete the video, but most of the positions were causing a lot of pain, so I just stopped. I’ve been doing yoga for years, off and on, and I’ve never had it hurt my back. In fact, I find that it generally makes my back feel better. I can tell it was they Yoga X workout that caused the problem as I’ve been great all week long doing P90X and as soon as I went into that reverse warrior position, I felt my back pain come screaming back. NOW, I may have pushed myself too far or it could have been due to a combination of moves, not just the reverse warrior. The reason I say it could have been a combination of moves is that reverse warrior is a very common pose. Some of the others on the Yoga X program are not as common, so it likely occurred before that move and that just heightened the pain/injury. I could have easily done this to myself and I’m sure my weight and fitness level have something to do with the injury. Regardless, I will be really taking it easy with P90X Yoga X, going forward. As with any exercise program, you should take it easy and no matter how much you want to push yourself, causing an injury will not help your growth and success. Besure to check out our

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